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DPT-MBA Program

What is a DPT-MBA degree?

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is a professional doctorate in physical therapy. The DPT-MBA is a dual degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Business decisions will have a broad impact on the delivery of healthcare in the 21st century and physical therapists equipped with the proper management and financial skills will be in a better position to effectively function in this environment. Whether managing an individual or group physical therapy practice, leading a corporate or non-profit hospital department, or contributing to the development of healthcare policy, the understanding of fundamental financial, management, and organizational practices is essential. The combined DPT/MBA degree focuses on giving future physical therapists this necessary skill-set for successfully integrating medicine and business.

The School of Medicine and Goizueta Business School cooperate in a program that enables students to receive the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Business Administration degrees in four years rather than the usual five by allowing the students to participate in the one-year MBA program.

Why Emory?

Emory is home to a highly ranked DPT program (8th in the nation per US News and World Report) and a highly ranked MBA program (18th in the nation per US News and World Report) in the nation. There are few, if any, DPT programs in the nation that offer dual degrees. Thus, Emory is uniquely positioned (with top ranked DPT and MBA programs in the nation) to offer this dual degree.


Applicants who are interested in a dual degree program must apply to and be admitted by both of the programs. Students can also apply in their first year of the DPT program to the business school for a dual degree program. Please go to Prospective Applicants for additional details on the admissions process.


studentsStudents will spend their first two years in the DPT program and will include one long-term clinical affiliation. The third year will be in the business school. During the final year, students will complete two other long-term clinical affiliations and return for a final semester of electives that can be taken in both the programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisite courses I should take that would help with the MBA component of the program?

Prior to matriculation, all students in the MBA program must have completed at least one semester of college-level Statistics.

When does the MBA component occur and how long is the DPT-MBA program?

The MBA component occurs in the third year of the combined program that extends over 4 years (DPT only extends over 3 years).

When can I begin the application process for the dual DPT-MBA program?

You have to submit separate applications to the Division of Physical Therapy, School of Medicine and Goizueta Business School and be accepted by each program. You also may choose to first get admitted in the DPT program and during your first two years in the DPT program apply to the Goizueta Business School.

When should I take my GMAT?

You may take your GMAT anytime prior to matriculating in the DPT program or during the first two years of the DPT program as you begin your application to the Goizueta Business School.

Where can I find additional information about the MBA component of the DPT-MBA program?

You may find additional information at: http://www.goizueta.emory.edu/degree/fulltimemba/joint_degree_options.html

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