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Dr. Trisha Kesar was awarded a research grant award by the American Heart Association

Dr. Trisha Nichols

Dr. Trisha Kesar was awarded a research grant award by the American Heart Association (AHA). Dr. Kesar is the recipient of a Scientist Development Grant, which provides $77000 per year of funding for 4-years. As part of this grant, Dr. Kesar will characterize the time course of biomechanical and neural processes underlying post-stroke gait rehabilitation.

Dr. Kesar’s research project will use a novel post-stroke gait retraining intervention (combining fast treadmill ambulation and functional electrical stimulation) to test fundamental yet hitherto unaddressed hypotheses pertaining to time course of changes during post-stroke gait retraining. The innovation of this proposal is the concurrent evaluation of biomechanical (e.g. paretic propulsion, swing phase knee flexion), neuroplasticity (TMS-derived measures of corticomotor excitability), and functional (walking speed and endurance) processes influencing gait throughout a 6-week gait retraining program. Insights into time courses and neural mechanisms underlying post-stroke gait rehabilitation can impact clinical practice by aiding with the development of effective, individualized strategies to maximize the benefits of gait rehabilitation.

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