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Program Overview

The Emory Acute Care Residency Program is a 12-month program designed to provide a concentrated experience to clinicians interested in pursuing advanced practice in acute care. The program commences in August and finishes in August of the following year. During the course the program residents will:

  • Practice in a variety of clinical settings spanning the continuum of acute care practice
  • Participate in teaching entry-level students in the Emory University Doctor of Physical Therapy program, specifically in the Advanced Acute Care Elective, the General Medical Conditions, and the Fundamental Measurement Course
  • Complete didactic online coursework in collaboration with our partners at the University of Southern California, Neurologic Physical Therapy Professional Education Consortium
  • Complete didactic coursework through PT Cardiopulmonary Educators
  • Complete didactic coursework through on site orthopedic and other specific acute care focused material including but not limited to valid functional tools for acute care and ICU setting
  • Collaborate with clinical partners, including physicians, to participate in specialty observations such as hyperbaric treatment and wound care, etc.
  • Participate in quality improvement and potential research opportunities in the area of acute care

Program Mission

The mission of the Emory University Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency Program is to prepare physical therapists with advanced knowledge and skills in acute care physical therapy practice with a solid foundation in the application of evidence based practice. Preparing physical therapists that are critical consumers of the relevant scientific literature and the integration of new techniques are key to innovative clinical practice. The Emory University Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency Program is committed to prepare physical therapists who will engage in clinical, academic, and professional teaching and consultative activities that will contribute to the community and advancement of the physical therapy profession

Program Goals

The Emory University Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency Program will:

  • provide the necessary content and clinical experiences to prepare the resident for successful completion of ABPTS residency requirements.
  • provide the necessary teaching and mentoring opportunities to facilitate the resident's skills in teaching and consulting activities.
  • promote the advancement in the field of acute care physical therapy practice by engaging residents in activities that support clinical excellence, research and utilization of new evidence that guides clinical decision making
  • commit to the health and well-being of each resident while striving to achieve the highest standards in education and clinical care.
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